San Francisco's North Bay has been blessed with roots music like no other. Combining influences such as jazz, salsa, and funk, these lions and lionesses have captured the hearts of local and international reggae fans. Groundation has set the stage for future generations of reggae musicians by bringing love and unity to the world through conscious reggae music! This group is a true representation of Norcal Reggae Calendar's motto, "Let’s Be Irie."

Groundation originated from the Sonoma State University jazz program. They have a gift for improvisation. Harrison Stafford (lead vocals/guitar) even taught the very first California State University accredited class on the History and Culture of Reggae Music. His teachings always continue when the 9-piece hits the big stage. Besides having a positive message, they also have an intuitive roots style that stays true to the art of reggae music. Rolling Stone once collated it very well when they said, “Groundation has gained fans around the world for their jazz-influenced roots reggae. [Their dubs] add a hypnotic resonance to their groove-based songs.”

Buy the new album, A Miracle, released October 2014.

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